A Gratitude !

A Gratitude !

A Gratitude !

I heard this story from an unknown person …Whom I met couple of years ago in an winter evening …. He was from a remote village of Bihar (India) …His village was near jungle and sometimes attacked by elephants ….All villagers were afraid of elephants in winter night ….There was an old lonely poor woman who lived at the farthest corner of village …She used to beg for daily bread ….One cold winter night some hungry elephants came to her hut in search of food ….She wasn’t afraid ….She affectionately told elephants that she didn’t have much food to feed them …..She brought some rice and offered them happily …..Elephants didn’t kill her …They took that food and went away ….Next morning ….All villagers surprisingly noticed …..The front yard of that poor woman was full with tons of ripe paddy grains ……Elephants gifted her back as a gratitude !!! ….



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