Happy New Year …!!

Happy New Year …!!

Happy New Year …!!

Have you failed these things to do in 2017 …???


1. Failed to get up early in the morning ….


2. You tried to go for morning walk …failed ..


3. Couldn’t maintain daily diary …but ..ok …used Facebook ..Whatsapp


4. Couldn’t find more time for your garden …

5. Failed to have a general family reunion …

(Well you have to try those again in 2018 ..come on baby !!)

But ….it’s not that all …You may have really achieved many things in 2017 too …Thank God ..for everything ….
From tomorrow …a new page of your amazing life book will open ….You will have new experience …  …new memories …new friends ….new enemies (cool) new more gray hairs ..LOL …with added joint pain ..LOL …but it’s cool man …you must ready !! ….Walter B.Pitkin said ..’ Life begins at 40 …’ He ..he..he..he..Happy New Year !!!! ….



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