A True Love

  A True Love


She still remembers the day .It was a nice ..summer evening .Birds were chattering .There was something different in air .She was walking down the lonely road being depressed .Suddenly she met someone .A decent guy …. Who Was watching her from far with a deep admiration .Their eyes met with a different sensation .They fell in love .

They started meeting together .That lovely guy …Talked so soft n sweet . But things changed when her mother came to know that matter .she was not agree with her daughter’s decision .Angry Mother stopped her meeting that boy .

Months passed .They hardly could meet each other ..on one year anniversary ….They decided to spent some time in the restaurant they first sat together …..Everything was going fine ….While coming back …A gunman came before them n demanded money !!!

For the first time she saw that boy became violent n angry ….He denied to give money ….Gunman pointed his gun to her …BANG !!! …..She closed her eyes …When opened …Saw her boyfriend was laying on road ….Blood shed everywhere …He was dying ….She hold him tight ….His innocent ..Honest blue eyes tried to say something ….But no ! …He died ….  But He saved his love… In exchange of his own life …..!!!



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