Staying POSITIVE doesn’t mean staying HAPPY always . We generally get confused in these two things. Many times when someone is upset or sad, due to some certain circumstance, it is believed that it is negative thought . But, its not true.  You may think you are not positive anymore but the reality is your negative thoughts are helping you to search the actual areas of mistakes committed by you . And …you feel sad as an instant result. Rather , Let me tell you some nice ways to become positive . CHECK THESE OUT !!! ……… 


    • learn to by pass your negative experience into positive goals. Yes ..Its not that easy . I agree. But once you can do this you will have the secret to positive life. 


    • Don’t be afraid of failure. Most of us don’t want to take any action due to this problem. You just think. If you do not take any risk , how will get the unique success ?? Set up your mind to take more hard steps to reach your goals.


    • Friends take an important role in life. All friends?? Nope !! Not at all. Find a friend who is positive minded. Keep yourself away from the negative friends who will only show you the way of failure. Get rid of them. Find a friend who feels your emotion. Who understands you better. Who can criticize you but never mislead you .
  • .Always do what you love to do. No matter what it is . It can be anything.May be you are too busy to do it. But..Come on ..!! Even those busiest celebrities find their own time to enjoy the things they love to do. Do something — action improves a bad mood…….. You can ..
  • Make a cup of tea or coffee,
  • write a letter to someone,
  • draw pictures for family or friends,
  • bake something,
  • dance,
  • write a story,
  • read a book by candlelight,
  • listen to music and dance around,
  • make a list of goals,
  • write a list of things you’re grateful for,
  • write a poem,
  • fix something,
  •  visit someone in need and help them,
  • watch a happy movie,
  • talk to someone,
  • eat some chocolate, or do something you enjoy.



  • Be strong! If you don’t want those hopeless , negative people in your life, just stay away from them. Don’t respond to their calls or messages and when they ask you to do something just tell them you’re busy. They’ll eventually get the message. If they don’t, just tell them directly, “I don’t think we should be friends anymore.” HA HA HA … Yes friends … It really works. 

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Take care …. See you soon …. !!!





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