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My Garden

When I saw you …My five senses were under a spell …..So vibrant n warm ….You wore a natural polish on your nails ….Your new born waves ware bursting with a secret energy n ready to explode …..It was impossible to explain your beauty under the heavy …Golden ..Thick sunlight …You were drenched in perspiration of morning dew … Your young …Tender n intense lips could not hide your chocolate glaze …..  !!!


Avi teaches professionals how to overcome the fear of public speaking and deliver powerful presentations using the proven formula of speaking & presentation success, through his most practical public speaking courses in India &communication skills classes in Kolkata. He also helps aspiring speakers by teaching them how to become a good speaker. People say that he has designed the best presentation skills classes & public speaking workshops in Kolkata. For enrolling in Avi Bhattacharyya’s course, call us on +91-9933155827, 9932909128, 8900159898.

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