Who Am I ?

Who Am I ?

Who am I? …well …Good question…… I keep asking myself too  ….
Being a member of nice family …a blessed founder of renowned institute RED ROSE …I fulfilled most of my desires…. but there was that gnawing feeling that I needed something more. …. I discovered the joy of expressing myself before people… and here I am….. opening the doors to my creative dreams…Writing…Taking photographs…Digging a bit deeper…
Love teaching n training …
Gardening ..though do not have much time for it .
Listening/singing to all kinds of world music.
Reading Fiction, Non-Fiction, Self Help…I do not discriminate.
Photographs for the beauty that the camera captures…. are what makes my heart pitter- patter…. I love the world I see through my view-finder these days.
Cooking…. the yummiest chemistry experiment, specially when it’s being shared in the company of good friends…. I do entertain a lot…. I love a full house.
What am I posting about? ….Well … Here are quotes I found that explain where I would like to go with this:

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” …William Wordsworth ….


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