7 Tricks To Deal With Moody People

Suppose you plan a date with your girlfriend. You return from office in time. You get ready. She is ready too. You look at her. She looks beautiful today. You feel so happy to imagine a nice dinner with her. But, suddenly she gets angry. She refuses to go with you. You try to find your fault. You don’t find it. You try to pamper her. She doesn’t listen and your plan is ruined.

It happens frequently. Finally, you realize she has a bad mood which can change any situation negatively. And it’s your regular headache.

Here are seven different tricks to deal with such moody people.

  1. Learn to ignore – Yes, don’t try to make her/his mind. Because it doesn’t have any impact on them. Just be calm and move on. Get back to your work.
  2. Go for a painless separation – Now you have tried almost all the ways to solve the problem, still, there’s no progress at all. Rather it’s getting out of your hand day by day. Now its time to evaluate the situation again and make the decision.
  3. Let them feel sorry – Show the importance of your time too. Your planning for this event. Your dream for this date. And let them feel it through the whole night. They must feel sorry for their mistake.
  4. Leave them alone for a while – If they constantly make you angry, its time to take a break. Go somewhere where you can find peace of mind. Try to do something which makes you happy. Return back when you calm down. Don’t get yourself exhausted dealing with such negative people.
  5. Stay calm and cool– Just think of your friend who gets angry on you suddenly but you have nothing to do there. Just take a deep breath, close your eyes, stop arguing with him and move on.

  • Don’t try to make them happy– They are generally attention seekers. Imagine your daughter throws her meal for ice cream, don’t run to bring it to make her happy. You may try to solve this problem instantly but the problem will become bigger in the long run.
  • Be logical, not emotional – You need to understand the problem logically. Once you know their hidden demand you can actually try to work on it.

At the end of the day, you need to realise that it’s your life. Nobody has a right to damage it. Nobody can drag you down.

Best wishes to you …

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