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Hi ! I am Avi Bhattacharyya, a public Speaker and Personality Development Instructor

What I Do

I teach newbies how to overcome the fear of public speaking and deliver powerful presentations using the proven formula of speaking & presentation success

I Coach.

I am the founder of RED ROSE SPOKEN ENGLISH institute where I encourage students on conversational English lessons & personality development

I Speak.

I am an international speaker & a trainer, I train people like you for public speaking. I speak about how to overshoot your fear of public speaking.

I Write.

I also write about the skills you need to be a perfect speaker and speak what ever you want in front of large audience. Check out my posts by clicking on the button bellow

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“A great place to know how to speak English fluently . I am proud that i am a student of Abhi sir(Red Rose).Sir is much more helpful and friendly. Thank you sir . ”


My Story

 I started as a Public Speaking instructor. In a few years, I built and led a movement of thousands of fans, followers and customers I combined physical demonstrations, emotional storytelling, and high-energy audience interaction with a powerful speaking message of How To Create A Superstar Career. Instead of just getting on stage to speak I would physically energize audiences with demonstrations so they would be more involved with the presentation. I started as a normal English teacher, teaching English as a foreign language. I created a powerful new method for teaching. Eventually, I developed the necessary leadership skills to convince students to adopt his methods. Through effective leadership he rapidly expanded his influence, building a fanatically loyal following of customers and fans. I am now the Founder and leader of RED ROSE ENGLISH INSTITUTE. I built and now leads to a revolution of international learners. 

Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways.